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USMC FITNESS REPORT NAVMC 11297 (Rev. 7-11) (EF) FOUO - Privacy sensitive when filled in. Print Form ADDENDUM PAGE A. PURPOSE 2. Occasion and Period Covered: 1. Marine Reported On: a. Last Name DO
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oh hey guys Hachi some seat here I got about 20000 rounds of 22 here and that would do the video real men dont look at the explosion hey guys sauce you some see here Im sitting on 20000 rounds of 22 mu Nisshin and under the pre scary times crisis this is roughly about seven hundred and forty dollars worth of ammunition somewhere around there that would be at about 17 or 18 bucks for one of these boxes which is what I purchased mine for and what most of these were purchased for although some of them were bought during sales and things like that thats neither here nor there under the current prices these or at least during the the height of the scare this is worth about twenty four hundred dollars and thats because people were overpaying for it all this ammunition that you see here was purchased over the course of eight years and stored obviously some of it has been used since then so these there was even more ammo here at at one point in time but it was used up so whats my point in showing you all this and making you drool my point is that if you are someone whos wanting to have this amount of ammo this type of stuff that you need to be doing it in a way that doesnt make the market go crazy and most of us are not the types of people to go out and buy a million value packs all at once and thats you know that and so you guys are getting screwed because everybody else is going on a button a million value packs at once I personally have 10000 pounds or so of 22 and mission its its not of my home its stored in various places and that ammunition I purchased one box a week I would buy a value pack and I would buy a box of CCI mini mags every week and I did that for months until I realized that I had so much ammunition that I didnt think I could use it all and I think this is important to you to understand that if youre a serious shooter youre going to go out and shoot your your weapons you need to purchase your ammunition well just a little bit at a time get your stores up to a point where youre going to be comfortable if there is some sort of ammunition shortage then youre not running and buying ten of these value packs before stores start cutting you off or something I also should mention that you know this is a really good investment this ammunition will probably never go bad its going to last at least my lifetime and this ammunition here could be used to barter or trade or you could sell it in the future this is going to hold its value itll never lose now you especially 22 long-rifle because it is such a popular cartridge some of this was bought as Lowes 13 and this could be resold today I could probably sell this value pack to some sucker for 50 bucks if if you know thats its just thats the market that were in because people are scared and theyre doing stupid stuff like over pain when you overpay you encourage that type of behavior when you buy one of these for 70 youre creating that market and the way that a market works is that if you if if...